You Promised

by Suicide Pact

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This Record was recorded by Suicide Pact over a few days in our practice space in Pawtucket, RI.


released October 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Suicide Pact Providence, Rhode Island

Punk Rock
Providence, R.I.
We mean it.

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Track Name: Struggler
She called me a struggler
as she chuckled with her friends
little did she know
they repeat everything she says
you've given me a label
now I'll wear it with pride
cause I'm a struggler
that's what i wanna be
it's alright in my eyes
i hear you put down others
every chance you get
you hate each other one week
and then it's best friends the next

she called me a struggler
as she chuckled with her friends
but little did she know
they repeat everything she says
your insecurities are bringing out the worst in you
and you're picking out the worst in me
Track Name: Dreamcatcher
growing up i was told
be what you want to be
but all the things that appealed to me
could "never happen"
follow your dreams as long as you're following suit
follow your dreams as long as you're wearing a suit
25 years of it'll all get better
but it's only getting worse
high school college some useless degree
losing your freedom and sanity
Track Name: Let Me Out
Who cares if they're queer
who cares if they're straight
you preach about equality
and all i hear is hate

who cares if they're a boy
who cares if they're a girl
i wanted an escape
all i got was this world
Track Name: Suicide Pact
Last night I took a walk
October it was cold
the world stopped spinning
I was sitting there alone
dark thoughts crept up
and i knew the time had come
exhausted all my options
and figured no one else would care

I'm losing all my loved ones
I'm feeling really cursed
I've lost all my loved ones
and everything it hurts

When i got down to the spot
i decided it would end
there you stood by yourself
you were looking back at me
we both wanna leave this place
and now that we've arrived
life isnt what we wanted
so i guess it's time we die